Our tagarnine pate, PICARNINAS, has been present at the International Sherry Week 2020 in the menu chosen by the Jerez Regulatory Council and transmitted to the world by streaming in the so-called Sherry Dinner Party, along with the wines of Jerez and other delicacies of Cádiz .

Despite the difficult times we are living in, International Sherry Week has been a success around the world. The dinner in which our PICARNINAS could be tasted virtually was directed by Pepe Ferrer, Pepe Monforte, the sommelier Paula Meléndez and the journalist from Canal Sur and Javier Benítez.

The incredible menu was an exceptional sample of how much and very good we have in our province. The different varieties of Jerez wines were paired with goat cheeses, seaweed pesto, tuna sirloin, mojama, pork rinds, picos, fried bread and even some alfajores for dessert. If you want the complete chronicle of the event, we invite you to discover it in the following link.

Bon Appetite!

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