Our family

These are our preserved vegetables, pâtés, sauces and stir-fries, but they are also a part of our family that we want to share with you.

Now they come to your house, but before they were seeds that were planted by ourselves, cultivated and then collected at their right point of maturity to preserve and make them in an artisan way.

Like a real family, they all have something special. Most are born in our garden, and their life cycle also marked by its production. Some, like the seeds of the piquillo peppers, come from Navarra to settle in our land and mature with their own identity. Others, the tagarninas and artichokes, grow freely and wild and to collect them we have to travel to the Alcornocales Natural Park.

Artisan, but innovative, such as our vegetable pâtés, with the best salt from the Bay and the most special olive oil from the mountains of Cádiz, with that little bit of spices and our “Cantizano touch” of spiciness. Of these, our greatest pride is the PICARNINAS, tagarninas pâté, which received in 2018 the AWARD FOR THE BEST PRESERVED FOOD OF ANDALUSIA.

In our family of artisan preserved vegetables, they all have their own personality.

A story that we invite you to discover, through its flavors and textures, and to be completed with your own moments … in that recipe, that dinner, in that special something.

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